On structure and decoding of Hermitian codes

Marcolla, Chiara (2013) On structure and decoding of Hermitian codes. PhD thesis, University of Trento.

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Given a linear code, it is important both to identify fast decoding algorithms and to estimate the rst terms of its weight distribution. Ecient decoding algorithms allow the exploitation of the code in practical situations, while the knowledge of the number of small-weight codewords allows to estimate its decoding performance. For ane-variety codes and its subclass formed by Hermitian codes, both problems are as yet unsolved. We investigate both and provide some solutions for special cases of interest. The rst problem is faced with use of the theory of Gröbner bases for zero-dimensional ideals. The second problem deals in particular with small-weight codewords of high-rate Hermitian codes. We determine them by studying some geometrical properties of the Hermitian curve, specically the intersection number of the curve with lines and parabolas.

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PhD Cycle:XXV
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