Audiotactile interactions: psychophysical and neuroimaging approaches

Leonardelli, Elisa (2015) Audiotactile interactions: psychophysical and neuroimaging approaches. PhD thesis, University of Trento.

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In daily life, we are immersed in a continuous flow of stimuli targeting each of our different senses. Far from being independently processed, accumulating evidence has been widely documented by studies showing that stimuli from different modalities largely interact. However, despite the increasing interest, the interpretations of the results of experiments studying multisensory interaction are still controversial and the underlying mechanisms remain broadly unknown. The aim of this thesis is to investigate the interactions that occur between the senses of audition and touch. Audiotactile interactions have been far less studied than the ones existing between other modality pairings. Maybe because they go often unnoticed though being well present in many everyday life situations. This thesis focuses mainly on two aspects that concern interactions: understanding the impact of the relative saliency between the stimuli and investigating the mechanism behind perceptual integration. These questions are addressed respectively in two studies conducted by means of magnetoencephalography. The thesis is structured as following: in chapter 1, I provide the theoretical background to my scientific questions. A brief synthesis of the two main studies is presented in chapter 2. The two studies are entirely reported under the form of manuscripts in chapter 4. Finally, in appendix a behavioral study that investigates spatial aspects of AT interactions is reported. Although the results of this study are of pertinence of the project, given the preparatory character and the preliminary state of the study we decided to show them in the appendix rather than include them in the main body of the thesis.

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