A User Centric Interface for the Management of Past, Present and Future Events [PhD thesis presentation]

Hasan, Khandaker Tabin (2011) A User Centric Interface for the Management of Past, Present and Future Events [PhD thesis presentation]. PhD thesis, University of Trento.

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Events have been categorized, modeled and recorded by researchers and practitioners for many centuries. Life and events are always being the philosopher's topic of debate. For us, event is any happening worth of remembering. This thesis makes an in-depth philological query of the nature of events and their intricate relationship to other events in the tapestry of complex social structures. We tried to understand our life events from grainy to vast in nature and size. Causation and effects are investigated and a simplified model is proposed for a user centric personal event management system which is fundamentally different from any existing system. Facts as a priori and stories as a posteriori has been separated by formal definition. Novel visualization and interaction is proposed to meet every individual's needs. The concept of lifelines has been introduced for the organizational requirements of a single person's life events that made it possible to distinguish from being the part of an event and being the witness of an event. This visualization model made it easier to manage causal relationships between events. Rich and intuitive interaction has been developed and proposed through the user-centric design process.

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Doctoral School:Information and Communication Technology
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