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Welcome to Unitn-eprints PhD, the institutional archive of the University of Trento where PhD students are requested to self-archive their doctoral thesis.

Self-archiving one's thesis is very easy. It mainly consists of three steps:
  1. filling in an online form with the main bibliographic data about your Doctoral thesis;
  2. accepting, printing, signing, and uploading (when uploading your thesis) a scan of the institutional disclaimer in Unitn-eprints PhD.

Just follow this simple procedure:

  1. Login with your University username ( included) and password by clicking on Deposit in the User Area on the upper right side of the homepage. If you forgot your password, please contact your Faculty's IT center. For further login problems, please contact the Doctoral Studies and Licensing Exams Office.
  2. follow the instructions given step by step in every page and section of the form, and pay a special attention to the suggestions you can find by clicking on the Help icon (a question mark) you find in every single section of each page;
  3. use the Manual (in Italian) available on the homepage or the FAQ section in case you need further or more general information;
  4. contact the archive administrator in case of need;
  5. read, accept, fill in, sign, print, and upload a scan of the disclaimer you will be requested to open during the self-archiving process (further information about this document can be read in the CRUI Guidelines and Addendum, or can be requested at the Doctoral Studies and Licensing Exams Office. Remember you can directly find a copy of the disclaimer both in English and Italian (in the documentation section) on Unitn-eprints PhD homepage;
IMPORTANT! If you do not self-archive both your thesis and your signed scan of the disclaimer, Unitn will not deliver the Diploma concerning the awarding of your Doctoral title.Without this last step, Unitn will not deliver the Diploma concerning the awarding of your Doctoral title.

You are also encouraged to: