Two-fluid Hydrodynamics of a quasi-1D unitary Fermi gas

Hou, Yan-Hua (2013) Two-fluid Hydrodynamics of a quasi-1D unitary Fermi gas. PhD thesis, University of Trento.

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This thesis is devoted to the study of the hydrodynamic behavior of the unitary Fermi gas trapped by a highly elongated harmonic potential. Propagation of sound is one of the most exciting features exhibited by interacting many-body systems. It provides crucial information on the dynamic behavior of the system as well as on key thermodynamic quantities. The propagation of sound is particularly interesting in superfluids where two-fluid hydrodynamic theory predicts the occurrence of two different sounds: first sound, where the normal and superfluid component oscillate in phase, and second sound, where the two components oscillate with opposite phase. In the thesis, we investigate the propagation of sound waves of the unitary Fermi gas in a cylindrical geometry by solving the equations of two-fluid hydrodynamics in the `1D' scenario at finite temperature. The relevant thermodynamic functions entering the hydrodynamic equations are discussed in the superfluid and normal regimes in terms of universal scaling functions. Both the first sound and second sound solutions are calculated as a function of temperature and the role of the superfluid density is explicitly pointed out. The density fluctuations in the second sound wave are found to be large enough to be measured as a consequence of the finite thermal expansion coefficient of the gas, which is the strategy used in a recent experiment carried out at Innsbruck where second sound was detected in the unitary Fermi gas. We also provide an investigation of the temperature dependence of the collective oscillations of first sound nature exhibited by a highly elongated harmonically trapped Fermi gas at unitarity, including the region below the critical temperature for superfluidity. Differently from the lowest axial breathing mode, the hydrodynamic frequencies of the higher-nodal excitations show a temperature dependence, which is calculated starting from Landau two-fluid theory and using the available experimental knowledge of the equation of state.

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