A Tag Contract Framework for Modeling Heterogeneous Systems

Le, Thi Thieu Hoa (2014) A Tag Contract Framework for Modeling Heterogeneous Systems. PhD thesis, University of Trento.

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In the distributed development of modern IT systems, contracts play a vital role in ensuring interoperability of components and adherence to specifica- tions. The design of embedded systems, however, is made more complex by the heterogeneous nature of components, which are often described using different models and interaction mechanisms. Composing such components is generally not well-defined, making design and verification difficult. Sev- eral denotational frameworks have been proposed to handle heterogeneity using a variety of approaches. However, the application of heterogeneous modeling frameworks to contract-based design has not yet been investigated. In this work, we develop an operational model with precise heterogeneous denotational semantics, based on tag machines, that can represent hetero- geneous composition, and provide conditions under which composition can be captured soundly and completely. The operational framework is imple- mented in a prototype tool which we use for experimental evaluation. We then construct a full contract model and introduce heterogeneous compo- sition, refinement, dominance, and compatibility between contracts, alto- gether enabling a formalized and rigorous design process for heterogeneous systems. Besides, we also develop a generic algebraic method to synthe- size or refine a set of contracts so that their composition satisfies a given contract.

Item Type:Doctoral Thesis (PhD)
Doctoral School:Information and Communication Technology
PhD Cycle:26
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