Semplified seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Masonry Arch Bridges

Zampieri, Paolo (2014) Semplified seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Masonry Arch Bridges. PhD thesis, University of Trento, University of Padua.

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This study concerns seismic vulnerability assessment of masonry arch bridges with common typologies in Europe. Bridges are, in most cases, the most vulnerable elements in the transportation network during an earthquake; therefore, their seismic vulnerability assessment is necessary for a proper planning of the emergency phase and to define a priority for retrofit interventions. Masonry arch bridges were subdivided into homogeneous classes of single span and multi-span structures, according to the result of a statistical analysis made up of a large stock of 757 railway bridges located in high seismic areas. All the different collapse mechanisms for seismic action were studied for each class of masonry arch bridges with application of limit analysis and the calibration with FEM. In particular, limit analysis methods for the seismic assessment of single and multi spans bridges were developed. A innovative limit analysis approach was proposed for the assessment of the global transverse seismic capacity of multi-span masonry bridges with slender piers. Envelope curves representing the seismic capacity expressed in terms of limit horizontal acceleration were derived by parametrical analysis by means of simplified limit analysis. These curves can be used for a simplified vulnerability assessment of masonry arch bridges and for a simple calibration of the judgment obtained by BMS through inspection visits to bridges. In the second part of the study, a new simplified approach for the fast calculation of seismic fragility curves of numerous masonry arch bridge clusters is proposed. The aim of this thesis is to propose a quickly procedure to estimate the seismic vulnerability of extended roadway and railway bridge networks in emergency conditions and to optimize the retrofit interventions.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Masonry bridges seismic assessment, masonry bridges database
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